‘Follow your Feet’-program (6 months)

In this program you’ll learn to follow your feet again. Lots of people feel lost these days. It’s too busy, there are too many expectations but also too many possibilities and options. That seems great, but it also puts quite some pressure on you. What if you don’t feel happy or fulfilled while you seem to be doing ‘ok’ according to society’s norms?

Are you someone who…

  • feels lost?
  • wonders whether ‘this is it?’
  • feels stuck in ‘daily life’?
  • doesn’t necessarily have a bad job, but isn’t really enthousiastic about it either?
  • feels often rather low on energy (you might even go towards a burnout)?
  • would describe her- or himself as a perfectionist and or a people pleaser?
  • lacks a bit of self-confidence?
  • dreads making a decision?
  • procrastinates a lot?
  • doesn’t have a clear passion in life and therefore wonders whether there is something wrong or you’re not particularly good in anything (which is obviously not possible)?
  • lacks a mission or purpose in life?
  • doesn’t have a relationshop or one that isn’t really a 100% working?

Do you recognize any of those things? Then it might be time to start following your feet again!

Is it a DIY program?

DIY because…

  • You can start whenever you like.
  • You can go your own speed.
  • You can make it completely your own.


Not at all DIY…

  • I follow your process from the sideline and you’ll get feedback from me whenever that is needed.
  • There are individual calls with me, so you can get the most out of it and translate everything to your own situation.
  • You can contact me whenever you need to, since a though day does not come exactly on the day you planned a call.

Together we’ll make sure it won’t be a saved bookmark for whenever you have some spare time. Nope! We’ll work together and get you where ever  you want to get! Pinky Promise! 

How does that work?

  • You will start with a welcome package to fill out. Here you’ll write down how things are for you at this very moment. This will help us to set a goal and a strategy for the entire traject.
  • There are 26 weeks with a module in each week.
  • Every module comes with a few online questions to fill in for me to follow up your process and give you feedback.
  • You’ll get 6 individual calls (50 min) that you can plan directly into my agenda whenever it fits you.
  • You’ll get access to the membership site for 1 year, where you’ll also find lots of information and extra’s. This way you can go at your own pace.
  • To end with, you’ll get permanent support from me whenever you need it.

    So what is in there for you?

    Well, in a nutshell: 

    • you’ll know yourself better, understand your behavior, thoughts, emotions etc. better
    • you’ll have more knowledge about how our brain works, how we can deal with fear, change our mindset etc.
    • no more ‘Is this it?’ questions anymore
    • no longer simply do whatever is expected from you, but much more what you really want to do (and of course that means you also know what it is that you want!)
    • more self-confidence
    • a more positive mindset
    • be better at saying ‘no’ and hold on to your own boundaries
    • your perfectionism and/or empatic personality will be more positive tools instead of things that hold you back
    • feeling in control (again)
    • feel a clear direction for yourself
    • have a clear action plan

    In other words, we’re going to follow our feet

    For whom?

    • You recognize yourself in the description on the top of this page
    • You’ve got enough energie to put effort into it
    • You think personal growth is important
    • You’re a go getter and you don’t easily give up
    • You take responsability for what you do (and for what you don’t do)
    • You’re willing to enlarge your comfort zone
    • You understand you’ll have to work to change things
    • You’re mostly positive or you want to get more positive and you’re willing to look at things from a different point of view


    Practical info:

    • Do you have doubts? Book a free ‘match-call’ and we can talk you through them.
    • All calls are with Zoom.
    • Do you think you’ll need more individual calls? I’ve got you covered! That is always possible.
    • For more info: follow the FB-pagina,  subscribe to the newsletter, have a look on the homepage or the page ‘work with me’ or send me an email.

    * You’ll pay 6x 275€ (excl. BTW). When you choose to pay in full instead of monthly you’ll get a discount of more than 275€ (a full month!) and you’ll pay only 1375€ (excl. BTW) for the full package.

    Do you live abroad? Don't forget your landcode please.

    If you live abroad, add that too please.

    Themes we’ll cover

    • The influence of our society
    • Burnout
    • Procrastination
    • Why is changing something so hard?
    • How does motivation works?
    • Fear and our brain
    • Limiting beliefs and how to deal with them
    • What are your energy leaks and energy sources?
    • Who are you really?
    • How can you be more authentic?
    • What are your priorities? What is freedom for you? And succes? Happiness?
    • You’ll write a manifest that will serve as a compass and guide you on your journey.
    • We’ll draw a plan of action for you, starting from your manifest

    Do you have some questions?

    Does that actually work online?


    I do understand your doubts here. It does sound a bit weird as well, doesn’t it? I mean there’s a lot of ‘crap’ on the internet and isn’t face to face always better?

    I hear you. There are always pro’s and con’s. And obviously face to face has a lot of pro’s. But so does online. There is a lot of flexibility, also much easier to do a last minute call, so really when you need it. You don’t need to go anywhere and so no traffic jams or stress to be too late either. You can have a call from anywhere so even when you’re on holiday for instance. No need to postpone anything. And you can be totally at ease since you’re in familia surroundings. 

    Out of my experience I can assure you 99% of the people I’ve worked with (even after having doubts in the beginning) are actually satisfied and like it. You can see each other, hear each other, there can be emotions and the conversations are as real and deep as they would have been face to face.

    If you really have your doubts, book a free call and put it in the questionnaire. That way we can already do a proper video call instead of an audio only call and you can experience it right away!


    How do I know this program is for me?

    If you made it this far down, it probably is! I understand if you still have doubts. Simply book a free call with me and we’ll see whether it’s a good match. I promise you I’ll tell you as well when I think you don’t fit the profile. Since that’s one of the things I’m strict about. I don’t want as many clients as possible, I want those clients who are a good match with me and my program. And I am well aware some people are simply better off with someone else or another kind of coaching.

    How much time does it take?

    Good question!

    When you go for the group program there are 8 group session of about two hours. Then there is the weekly workbook to read through and fill in. Some take more time to go through it than others, so hard to say, but calculate around 2 hours. You’ve got your individual calls. Next to that it’s more than anything else a program that requires action. That means you’ll be exercising and doing things as well. These exercises aren’t always time consuming and sometimes they even safe you time, but nevertheless it means action.

    In any case, take into account it’ll be quite time consuming sometimes.

    Can I be sure I'll get results?

    This program has already proven to transform people into a better version of themselves. I designed it based on my own experience and my background as a psychologist and therapist. Your success, however, also depends on your determination, perseverance and commitment.

    What is a free call?

    Well, since there are so many coaches, therapists, psychologists out there, it’s simply hard to know who would be a good fit for you, right?

    So I decided to open up a few spaces in my agenda for this cause. That way we can connect and both feel whether it would be a match. I say both, since I don’t work with just anyone. Simply because I know I can’t. No one can. I truly believe in the right connection and the rest will follow automatically. ;-)

    If you think this might be something for you, simply book a call!

    A group program isn't my cup of tea...

    Chances are this program is exactly what you need in that case! Why? Well first of all you don’t have to share or do anything you do not want to. Secondly you’ll see it has its benefits to be in a group. It’s a way to enlarge your comfort zone. A way to exercise with people where you’ve got nothing to lose (or gain). You’ll see it’ll be very helpful to have this group as a try out platform with some exercises. You’ll also get input of other people as well and sometimes they’ll ask a question you didn’t even think of or didn’t dare to ask. A plus as well. And for sure you’ll notice you’re not that unique when it comes to your problems. We all know them! Even if they look a bit different for all of us.

    If your fears or doubts are this high, you can always go for the individual program!

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    Depends on the time zone, but I'm flexible!