Who is Sofie?


Hi! I am Sofie

Just passed ‘hurdle 40’ (but way younger in my head!), with a passion for traveling, writing and psychology. I’m curious about lots of things, I love playing games, hate cooking and never drink coffee (yikes!). I can’t pass a bookshop without entering, love talking for hours about anything (except bookkeeping and car brands) and I always have a million ideas, although most never reach the implementation phase.

In the summer of 2015 one idea got stuck in my head and I actually implemented it. Yes! I took a sabbatical (you could see it as burnout prevention) and I started traveling with a single ticket to Africa and no further plans. Right, a perfectionist who doesn’t enjoy planning so much… they excist!

After a year I returned with a backpack full of ‘wisdom’ and even more possible ideas as I already had before, but I didn’t really find myself somewhere (while that was the actual plan). In other words, I knew even better what I did NOT want to do, but I still didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. Grmbl! Frustrating! I quit my job (since that was clear) and started working on finding the ‘dream job‘. Obviously that didn’t went very smooth…

I tried a lot, but soon noticed that ‘doing a lot’ doesn’t necessarily worked. I was a manager in a lodge, a travel blogger, copywriter, etc. You name it, I did it! But then I found out about ‘liminality‘ and that changed quite a lot. Halleluja!

I knew now I had to go my own path. Not everyone however was as sure about what I was doing. There were days I didn’t even believed in it myself. Old beliefs can be quite persistent. It’s also not that easy to hold on to your path, when everybody and everything around you points the other direction. Makes one doubt… For sure when you’re a bit of a people pleaser as I am. Ouch!

I decided to see the whole quest with ups and downs as part of the proces and as an inspiration. That in combination with my background and experience as a psychologist was the base to start building my programs. That way I could help others to do the same: find there own path and follow their feet. What a great feeling it is to be able to do that!

Are you ready to follow your own feet?

My way of working

It feels to me that mostly there is a heavy and negative something to psychology and therapy. Logical in a way I assume since it’s often about people who are struggling. Sometimes they carry so much it’s a miracle they are still standing.

But often it’s about daily human things, that are part of our lives. Without ups no downs or in this case, without downs, no ups.

I don’t make things harder or havier than they already are. I give people tools, show them they are not alone and do things down to earth and with a wink. Key is action and change. Understand how things work is one thing, but take them on is something very different. And there is my focus: action!

I made workbooks, video’s, exercises and challenges and of course I will walk by your side, all the way through your process.

If that sounds good, give me a shout or already book your free ‘match-call’ to see if you and I are a good match. For more information, have a look here and if you have any more questions, I’ll gladly answer them!


  • Group dynamics has always been important to me and the first five years of my carreer I worked for an organisation where I gave workshops, courses, etc. about teambuilding, open communication, relationships etc.
  • Afterwards I worked in addiction care. Next to working with clients (individual and in groups), I gave workshops as well to help others deal with people with an addiction. Motivational Interviewing is an example.
  • Next to my job in a mental health care center, I worked in a private group practice and later started my own private practice.

Educational background

  • In 2004 I graduated as a clinical psychologist
  • My interest in motivational psychology (motivation is my key) was the reason I went to study sport psychology and in 2006 I was allowed to officially call myself sport psychologist.
  • After working with behavioural therapy for years, I started an extra therapy training and 4 years later I was allowed to put a sign at the door that said ‘contextual therapist‘. 

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