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A while ago I discovered a way to really change things. It was a bit by accident to be honest. Things didn’t all go that great and I asked myself regularly: ‘Is this it?’. When your job is to help people and listen to their problems, you can’t be too busy with your own, right?

So I took a big leap of faith and a year off of my job. That was the first step of many steps outside of my comfort zone. But don’t worry, I realised I didn’t need to take huge steps. Lots of time babysteps where all it took. I simply needed to move forward. Piece by piece I reinvented myself and created some kind of compass that helps me with every choice I have to make in life (I used to be terrible at making choices). 

By trial and error, using everything I once learned, signing up for programs and courses etc. I discovered that it all came down to a few crucial steps. Of course I also had the experience with clients of my work before.

I took all of that together and created a program. That way I could help other people finding their own path, translate their dreams into reality or at least get much closer to that. Because that is what I did and it feels damn good. Want to get there to? Give me a shout!

This program is designed for everyone feeling a little lost now and then. Are you a perfectionist? Very empathic? Do you hate making choices? Do you feel as if you don’t really fit in? Do you sometimes wonder whether this is it? Here’s the program for you!

This 26 week program is intended for anyone going towards a burnout or recovering from one. I will guide you step by step. Every week there’s a workbook and a 1 on 1 session with me.

So… how does that work exactly?

Good question! I’ve got quite a specific and a bit different way of working. Why? Well to start with I work only entirely online. That is easy for you since you can be based anywhere (and so can I).

Secondly I work exclusively with programs. That means I don’t offer single sessions, you can only go for the full package. Because that way I make more money? Well, not gonna lie, it helps! But it’s not the main reason. That main reason is I discovered people do way better in programs and go so much faster. Results don’t lie.

Another thing is that I realised people would go home after a good session and afterwards feeling a bit lost again. ‘Ok, so that was interesting, but what do I do now? Like in a practical way? What is my next stop or how do I deal with that?‘ So what does that all mean? Well, you get weekly workbooks with which you start off on your own. Every now and then (depends on the program how often) you and I have a 1 on 1 call to go through all of the things you worked on. A call through a program called zoom which is similar to Skype and so we see each other and simply talk.

Of course I support you every step of the way, which means you can always contact me with a question, problem, whatever. So it’s an intense way of working together, where I’ll guide you towards your own path. Ready to see whether you and I are a match?

Fancy some reading?

Want to know more about burn out, motivation, regrets or something else? Want to change something yourself and lacking a bit of inspiration? Maybe you are curious about my personal story and struggle? Well, you’ll find something on all of that here… Feel free to comment or connect! I would love that!

Back to reality

Back to reality

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What is burnout and how to deal with it?

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Who am I?

My name is Sofie. I am a psychologist, contextual therapist and a mindset coach. A whole lot of titels but actually I’m mostly someone with a lot of questions. Questions like ‘Is this it?’, ‘Do I expect too much out of life?’, ‘What is it that I really want?’ or ‘What’s my purpose in life?’. I took a lot of -not always so easy- steps to get to the answers. I bought a house (sold it again), quit my job(s) and searched for new ones, went traveling on my own, ended relationships, and so on. I learned answers are not always easy to find somewhere outside. However, they are all inside of you. Sometimes you simply can’t get them out on your own. But I firmly believe we can all change our stars. I even believe we can change more than that. Our educational system, our society, our world! I know it’s ambitious, but hey, we need dreams to bring us exactly were we want to be, right? 

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