Are you stuck? A little lost?

What if someone would help you to get your ducks in a row again? 

How can I help you?

In different ways, but it is important to know that I only work online and with programs. Why? Because chances that you will succeed are way bigger! And also because Africa is probably a little far away…

“Because I believe things can be different. For everybody. For our society. You can follow your own feet and create a life that truly fits YOU. No need to live by expectations. Just go for it! That is what I did and well… it still does the trick!”

Got stuck?

This program of 26 weeks is for everyone who feels a little lost. You want to change things, but you have no idea where to start or what to do? This is for you!


You also don’t fit the box? A jack of all trades? Let’s make that your strength instead of your weakness, since the world needs people like you desperately!


With this program you will soon not even remember why you used to procrastinate. And if you finish the program whitin 30 days, you get a great surprise!

Sofie Leemans

Hi! I’m a psychologist, contextual therapist and coach. A mounthful, but actually I’m mostly someone who was a bit lost herself. Whilst I was searching, I discovered you won’t find  yourself somewhere, you simply need to (re-)create yourself. You can change your life, even when you have no clue how you want it to look or how to get there. That is where I come in, since I discovered I love helping people create themselves again.

I would love to help you!

How does this work?


While I’m a clinical psychologist and a contextual therapist, I decided to work as a coach. Why? Well, because it feels better, more free and most of all it perfectly fits with who I am. But all these other things I carry with me in my backpack, so you’ll get 3 for 1!


So… Everything I do is online. I already hear you thinking: ‘That’s not really my cup of tea!’. Hold your horses! Chances are it is something for you. Yes, it’s a bit different, but not less intensive, deep or personal. On the contrary!

How does it look like? Well, we make an appointment and talk about 50 minutes, just like with a ‘regular’ therapist or coach, there is only a screen in between us. That also means you don’t need to go anywhere and can be in your sweatpants on the couch. ;-) 


I work only with programs and there are different reasons why:

  • Because change is a proces, so we will go step by step.
  • Because all of us are quite skilled when it comes to excuses whenever it gets a little tough. And specifically then it’s curcial you push through! Self sabotage be gone!
  • Because the results are way better and isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?
  • Because it will create grip towards action, also after the program will be finished.

A program, say what?

  • You will get access to a membership site with weekly modules and lots of extra’s.
  • There will be permanent support through email and even WhatsApp.

My approach & philosophy

If you ask me, today’s society is far more of a problem than you are I am. We have grown so fast, we basically can’t keep up ourselves. We don’t know what we want anymore. And while there has never been more ‘social connection’, there’s never been as much lonelyness either. That is no coincidence of course.

I like thinking outside of the box. Growth isn’t bad. The question is: how can we turn it into something positive that actually can help is? That’s why I work online, to show it can be personal. I will teach you some tools that you can use to take control of your life again and sculpt it the way you want to. Step by step we will discover your direction and we will put that into action.

Whatever you want is possible, but don’t let anyone fool you it’s easy or there is an easy fix. There is not. It’s a wobbly road with ups and downs, but once you’re walking in the right direction, even falling down can feel good!

Fancy some reading?

Want to know more about burn out, motivation, regrets or something else? Want to change something yourself and lacking a bit of inspiration? Maybe you are curious about my personal story and struggle? Well, you’ll find something on all of that here… Feel free to comment or connect! I would love that!

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